Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Question? What is That?

what is it?
What does it mean?
What does it do?
How can it help me?
Questions are part of our everyday life and help us learn and understand more about our lives. By understanding questions and how we can use them we can learn from them and use them effectively.

So what is a question? A question is one of the most basic tools we have in learning. It is how we gather information, gain new experiences, and learn. By asking questions we can learn from the responses. By learning we can then make better choices and set ourselves on a more definite course to where we want to go.

So a question can help us to gain information and experience. But what does it actually mean? When you break down the word question it breaks into two parts quest meaning search or pursuit of gaining something and tion meaning to act on. So when you question something you are pursuing something that you intend to act on. When you ask, learn, and then act you are refining yourself and becoming better than you were before. By learning and changing we improve our lives as well as the lives of those around us.

After gaining knowledge and acting upon the answers what do those questions actually do? It gives us the knowledge that we need to become happier and become better. This helps us to reach our full potential and achieve our goals.

Its amazing how just one little word has so much power with only a single purpose. To help you learn, grow, and become the best that you can be. All this from a small action by which we can gain what we need to improve our lives.

We are encouraged to question and to learn that we might fulfill our full potential and become the best that we can be. By doing this we can have so much happiness and success in this life and have contentment in who we are and what is going on around us. As we question the things in life we are promised that we will receive answers and as we strive to become better as we allow ourselves to be molded into the best we can be.

We are promised as we ask we will learn, we are promised as we put in our part, as we question, we will receive answers and feel His warmth, his love, and guidance in our lives. 

So what should we do? QUESTION!Allow yourself to be changed as you journey, search for those answers and seek greater knowledge and revelation about who you are and what you mean to our Heavenly Father. You are His beloved child and He has great blessings in store for you. Our Heavenly Father is ever teaching us of our divine potential as His children and helping us to reach our goals of becoming our best and returning to live with Him. We can know this as we ask Him and as we learn more about Him.So question, learn, and become who you were meant to be as a child of God.

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